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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 17, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that would hurt. brian kilmeade are you paying attention to the video. >> brian: two years ago in the league, all football highlights. you chose lingerie football and all of e games. >> we had the giants on earlier. how about the giants last night. please tell me you know the word. >> brian: i think it is armdillo. >> all right. right. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: what else is it? barely anything on. good morning, everyone. it is monday. i am gretchen carlson. did the first successful terror attack happened since 9/11. when do the facts say? we report and you decide.
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>> steve: is hillary clinton close to stepping down. and who is next for the secretary of state and why it may mean a change in foreign policy. >> brian: ralm emanuel goes to court and the kids are left in the dark. they didn't want summer vacation to last this long. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ >> steve: today is the first monday that feels like fall is in the air. it is chilly and nippy. >> gretchen: i felt that the minute the sun went down. a little reminder summer is about to end. >> brian: i don't wear summer in the shirt. but i did. >> steve: you have photographs you would like to share? >> brian: we don't have time. >> steve: yes, we have three hours. >> gretchen: i am stunned.
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i have to head to masapequaa over the weekend. >> brian: just like sein feld. that was a request by the mayor. >> gretchen: okay. so now we have to do headlines. we have seriousnesses. afghan police turn on the american troops. it happened again. killing four more this weekend. really? a deadly attack happened in the remote checkpoint. afghan officials say the checkpoint was attacked by insurgents and when americans arrived to help afghan police fired at them. 1500ave been fired on this year alone. a 18 year old adele was arrested in an under cover operation . it was a fake. he made on line posts about
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the jihad. he was charged to attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. more than 350,000 students in chicago locked out of the schools after teachers did not vote on the deal to end the strike. they say they need more time to dejest the details . mayor ralm emanuel said they are using the children as pawns and he would sue to end the lock out. all summer, they should have did that while school was out. >> gretchen: yeah, they didn't have leverage. the unon will meet tomorrow. occupiers on wall street back at it again. (chanting)
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this morning new protest planned to mark the one-year anniversary. demonstrators will plan to march against the wall street and try to prevent workers from getting in the offices. cops arrested 25 people over the weekend. >> brian: they should get it cleaned up. >> steve: they wouldn't be occupying things if they have jobs. >> brian: i guess that is someone elseyfault. >> steve: look at these pictures. demonstrators throwing rocks and shouting death to america. hesbollah calls for me rights. >> brian: tunizia was not pretty over the weekend, was
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it greg. >> trouble here and a lot of places. good morning, the protest triggered by the protestors. it happened on the outskirts of the kabul. it happened near one of the main u.s. bases there. and a thousand protestors burning cars and throwing rocks. the barriers of the base were not breeched. next door pakistan. there was trouble in the main business city of the karachi. the u.s. consullate was challenged. overall staffers are okay . new word in stan tan. shower of a violent protest. in lebanon, a call for protest
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coming from the shia militant leader. he ordered his supporters out. and he waited for a couple of days because the pope was visiting lebanon loult the weekend. here in tunisia u.s. embassy is operating on a emergency basis. most family and staffers were ordered out over the weekend by the state department and that followed a nasty protest on friday. it is tense here, too. guys, back to you. >> steve: greg, thank you very much. we are hearing more about the terror attack on the consulate in libya. one of the security guard was armed with a walkie-talkie. said the attack started
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simultanously with guys in masks over three directions. >> gretchen: even the libyan president mazarif. i hope i said that right. he's claims planned as a terrorist attack by foreigners. coming from algeria with a purpose and long sought out and they used a video as a cover for melding into the other protestors and intending to carry out the attack. >> brian: if i could steal hillary clinton's line. to david petraeus to think that susan wright is candid when she said the attack on libyan base was extratranous. it was preplan executed and they had diversionary shots
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and a plan b and two wave was commandos. listen who would know. the president of the country and susan rice? >> the way these perpetrators acted and moved, i think they are choose will it is no doubt it was preplanned and predetermined. >> our current best assessment based on information present in fact it was a spontanous and not a premed tated. >> brian: she is sping >> chris: clearly it was a coordinated and terrorist attack. the white house can't afford to have terror attack on
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sovereign american property. >> brian: can they actually expected. she did every single show and every guest after her said you cannot be serious? to quote john mccain most people don't bring rocket grenade and weapons. >> gretchen: the new president of libya hasn't learned how to spin yet. he was warned that these attacks were coming three days prior. >> is that the essence of a new politician who has not learned. >> steve: he's not up for reelection. our friend tony schafer said according to his understanding of the time line, the attack on the consulate started before the riot regarding the movie.
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that should put it in perspective. clearlyy it was a terrorist attack. congressman allen west said that susan rice, ambassador is spinning because the administration cannot hook weak on this particular foreign policy issue. he was on with judge janine and had this to say about the ambassador. >> they are distorting the truth and with the help of the main stream media this is an incredible jimmie carter moment when you look at 2009 in the university of cairo. we consistently showed a policy of appeasement and did not show up and have a defined can middle east. we have emboldened our enemis and confused our allies. >> brian: in a day in 20 different countris and going to be more hits today. mitt romney jumped the gun
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when he made a statement when he made a statement on a state department by 12 hours. i was astounded when i watched the sunday shows back to back and i can't believe the emphasis is on what mitt romney said and how 20 countries got off clean shots and broke our wire. >> steve: if there is a terror on the u.s. assets. it destroys the administration's narrative. these pictures show it is not under control. >> gretchen: it did destroys the narrative about being more friendly to these nations. i think that is almostatz important. president obama went in 2009 and had the speech in cairo reaching out saying we changing the relationship with muslim nations. this does not bode well for that in pointing out the
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difference compare to him and bush. >> brian: biggest thing not calling egypt a ally. who is the hillary clinton. she only wanted 24 years whompt could be next. senator kerry or the ambassador we saw spinning things and possibly the disillusion with the truth. ambassador susan rice. >> steve: it looks like the smart money said she would wind up with a national security job in the second term of a barack obama administration. >> gretchen: we'll continue to talk about this. are the obama's chicken's coming home to roost? many foretold the deadly attack. i a plane comes in for a landing and minus wheels. that's why we are showing it
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>> steve: the attack on the consulate in libya left four people dead and put attention on anti-american protest. why will the president not call the attack terrorism. many say look at his speech defending muslim in cairo. >> like wise it is important for western countries to avoid impeding muslim religion like dictating clothes muslim woman
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wear. we can't disguise hostility toward religion. >> steve: is it his policy and not the movie that sparked the protest. we are mike gall ger down in dallas here. >> good morning, steve. happy monday. >> steve: so what do you think? >> one of the 50 things libberals love to hate is honesty and you are demonstrating between ambassador rice's bizarre spin and a contrast what libya is saying. we have to be cautioused on what the president believes about benghazi. this is a president who said in the new york times, that the muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds he has heard at sunset. i guess you have your own
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opinion of what it sounds like. but it makes one wonder what the president believes about the mushim world. you talk about practicing religion, i wonder if ambassador stevens gets to survive because of a youtube video. it is all a red herring and this doesn't happen on 9/11. and it reminds me, steve and reminds me the president and administration and military trying to characterize the fort hood massacre not far from where i am here in dallas as workplace violence. that is minimizing extremism and secretary of state was a small band of people. if that is a small band, i don't want that on my doorstep. >> steve: no. michael goodwin said whose side are you on? he meets with the muslim
3:19 am
brotherhood and yet when netanyahu is in town he doesn't meet with him. >> it was a big story that was lost in the aftermath of the killings at the embassy. when the president said i don't have time to meet with the israeli prime minister because of scheduling concern accident that is the biggest lie known to man. he is the most powerful man in the country and his schedule is what he wants it to be. it is another snub of israel and bodes very badly when we know about the strong alliance with the state of israel. it is a bad week for the president. >> steve: you mention three things that the liberals love to hate. walmart flagg pins and success. >> thanks. i had a blast with the book and having a good time on the
3:20 am
tour. walmart, the liberal haters of walmart no boundary. it was a anti-walmart crowd cheering . walmart is one of america's great employers and companies and yet, the haters on walmart give big corporations like starbucks and apple a pass because they are left-leaning companies . flag pin. i love wearing the flag pin. it confound and anighs the heck oust liberals. >> steve: michael, you did a great job. check out his book. 50 things liberals love to hate. mike, joining us from dallas. >> appreciate it. >> steve: straight ahead. obama care is going to cut his profits in half overnight. the small business o explains the math, coming up next. >> hundreds of hard working
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just quick headlines right now. 3hours undocking from the international space station. three person u.s. and russian crew spent 123 days in the station. man are they sick of each other . replaced in recliners as a way to help their bodies get used to gravity.
3:25 am
>> many people urberbed rosh hashanah. it is a 10-day period of introspection that ends with yom kippur. >> gretchen: thank you very much. the affordable act was supposed to help americans to buy health insurance. business owners have discovered a new side effects and some say profits will be slashed in half. >> brian: here to break down the math is david bard. david, what did you show on a power point display that has a lot of people talking. >> good morning, brian. thank you for having me on. i am a small business owner out trying to make a living. i didn't represent the view point of kfc brand. last week i was on capitol hill doing educational
3:26 am
seminars for other franchises in the international public affairs conference . and i showed how the law impacts me specifically. i have 23 restaurants and 400, employees and of those 109 full-time . the law requires that we provide affordable insurance to them . to them, i am able to pay insurance for full-time salaried . the business model doesn't allow me to pay for the hourly employees . the law in a pervase way i have to decrease the number of full-time employees which is not good for the employees or business. >> gretchen: what ends up happening. you are better off paying the fines. currently in your business model you pay $129,000 in
3:27 am
insurance costs but under obama care. 444,000. and in federal fines. $158,000. increase of 29,000. which one will you choose in >> steve: that is correct. >> insurance for a individual costs $5000. and i pay for the 30 employees. $4000 per employees and for me to do that 109,000. is 144,000. >> brian: you are better off taking the fines and also have to decrease the full-time employees and so you don't have to have full-time you are not obligated to pay. >> that is correct. it is not anti-health care as it is pro jobs and growth. i want to provide jobs and growth for my employees from
3:28 am
1998. i started with less than 40 employees. and today over 400. since 2008, i haven't been able to grow . the economy and ongoing regulatory onslaught makes it difficult and health care is yet another reason it becomes difficult to provide jobs for my employees. if i allowed. i believe we have a health care issue in america. i want to make that clear. i think we need to provide and figure out how to address the issues. but not on the backs of small businesses. that is can only going to lead to us cutting jobs. in today's economy it is insane to me that we shouldn'ta provide more. >> brian: you are taking the risk and hiring the people and finding yourself ham strung. david, thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate it.
3:29 am
>> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends". obama administration having trouble finding out who our allies are. netanyahu can't trust the united states. wait until you hear what he said now. >> brian: prince william taking legal action to keep the pictures of his wife under wraps. but will it work. ♪ ♪ what i love. ♪ what i love about the south. ♪ southernbles -- southern bells. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices, the gues love it! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is gela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> >> brian: tough for linge football action. it was the game . week. you don't hit that woman like that. she blasts in the end jone. and the green team looked like it beat the white team. from the little clothing . she went to plug the hole. >> gretchen: she took them out. i notice you didn't have the linge linge ladies in the pool they filled out. >> steve: that was a different
3:34 am
pool. >> brian: we had a celtic soccer team. >> gretchen: and who would have thought new england would have lost can against the cardinalings. >> brian: survivor pool you pick one to win before the season starts . i don't think they put them over the saints. >> gretchen: does that mean i am out. >> brian: you have three shots >> chris: now to the lingerie football you chose to highlight. a couple of years ago you took down a couple of those gals. >> brian: it was a good time to get geraldo out and do publicity. >> steve: you call it green and white team. do you remember the data? >> brian: i don't remember a lot about the lingerie replayed on the daily show. >> allyson: i thought steve
3:35 am
had insider information. >> steve: we are going to see it i am work i have my video in the vast video archive and we'll have that video. >> brian: you and himer. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: new develop the gruesome crime that gribbed the country decades ago and basis for the tv, and book and fatal vision. >> i need a ambulance. >> yes. medics, hurry. >> gretchen: former green beret convicted of murder of his wife and daughters. and the case hinges on something that was not there before and that is dna.
3:36 am
>> steve: companies that make u.s. military uniforms are forced to down size next month when the government contracts expire. that leaves inmate to snag the work. lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that reigns in the ability for them to take work from private companis and giving to prisoners instead. >> brian: bemy flop in a nevada airport. meanwhile it skids to a stop without any major crash and picking up dirt and stand . no one on board was injured. >> steve: good driving . >> brian: belly burn. >> gretchen: lawyers from britan's royal family heading to paris. and expected to foil - file a case against the photographer. there is a civil lawsuit
3:37 am
against closer magazine and seeking an injunction . the company threatened to put the photos in an italian magazine. here is my question. if you are kate middleton do you ever sun bath? >> steve: remember the first time she attracted him to her she was in a skimpy lingerie show. >> gretchen: that was before duchess. >> steve: once you are in a lingerie football game or lingerie show. next thing you are, you are naked . >> brian: why don't you use twitter on "fox and friends". if you are in the royal family should you take your clothes off. >> allyson: i know it is different culture in europe for women to be topless. when you know the press is constantly after you. even if private not such a good idea. >> brian: more pene pen men than women are comfortable.
3:38 am
and 49ers proving they are a force to be reck owned with. upagainst the detroit lions. they look sensational and allex smith helped tod secure a big win. and now to the best of the best. reggie bush. star of hard knocks. 172 yards and helping the miami dolphins beat the oakland raiders and best come back. and eli manning a bad first half . shakings off three nit's and finished with a record performance and three scores and the giants win. 41-34. >> and best upset, the arizona cardinals. and the new england patroits. and bringing all of gretchen's kids for tear the .
3:39 am
cardinals win 20-18 on a 43 yard miss. and best rookie performance. it is andrew luckinging the colr first win. they end up on top of the vikings. >> allyson: it was a crying kay. did junior get a hit. >> steve: that is something sosay. >> gretchen: jeter and other baseball players having great lits. >> brian: how is his bruise. >> gretchen: that's too personal. >> brian: time i swell up you will not hear from me. >> gretchen: my goodness. >> steve: and someone else who is not having a good week. netanyahu wanted to meet with the president of the united states. >> brian: he will meet with prime minister morsi. >> steve: he was on the chat shows and how, look. leon panetta here in the united states said that the country of iran, a year away
3:40 am
from having the stuff to build the nuke. he said it is not a year and it is six months. watch the sound bite. >> it is getting close yer closer to the achievement of them getting the material . they are getting closer to a bomb . you have to place the red line before them now. they are in the red zone. it is in the last 20 yards. you can't let them cross the goal line it is like timothy mcvey walking in a shop in oklahoma city and i would like to tend mipe gard yen fertalizer. how much do you want. i don't know. 20 thousand pounds. >> gretchen: he's playing to the sunday football analogy and also the timothy mcvey
3:41 am
thing. he paints the picture that israel feels desperate and how long should they wait in the wings. when iran want to bloww them up. he will say that without endorsing who he wants for the united states president. >> brian: perez said i don't want to do the shows. netanyahu will not say it because he is the guy who makes decision . he's too skilled to get involved in the election. he will not be sidelined and he will be on every national show and get his point out . president got a total pass on that. the prime minister's office confirmed that he asked for a meeting and so did the jerusalem post . people are allowing the
3:42 am
administration to skate to say there was not a request for a meeting. >> steve: the terror attack knocked it off of the front page. he continued fund raising that day . remember the terror attack is not a terror attack. they sent f.b.i. investigators and they think it was reaction as you know as we are talking today to that film on youtube. >> gretchen: benjamin netanyahu is talking about sunday football . do we have the clipp now? this is in steve's video bank. >> steve: yes. >> brian: realize was two on one. and i was numerically challenged. mr. 1: i was the ref there. >> brian: that was the launchh and we ran the drills. and i predicted success for the league. >> steve: i forget what the occasion was when they were here.
3:43 am
to launch or a promotional event. >> brian: i happening the promotional event took place because we launched the league. i predicted success and one day big are than nfl. >> gretchen: does the meaning why they were here. >> steve: historical. >> brian: more jobs for people. putting people back to work. >> steve: stimulus. >> gretchen: coming up on the show, a little boy could lose his side from a di detergent pods. >> steve: 33 soldiers murdered by green on blue attacks this year alone . so how has the pentagon responded? by blaming the troops. we'll tell you how straight ahead. have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more.
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>> >> gretchen: headlines for you now. a washington boy understanding go blindd in one eye. carter jones grabbed it and
3:47 am
squeged the terterge yent caused chemical burrence. it is bad enough that he ould lose vision in one eye. ben affleck said the year he dated j-loand made a bomb movie was the lowest point in his life. his family life with jennifer garner is treating him better. >> brian: that was a lot of bad movies for ben affleck. four americans kill shooters were wearing afghan army uniforms over the weekend. the pentagon is ordering cultural sensitivity for our troops. we have the consult antiback from afghanistan himself where he put on the uniform. captain, what do you think about the sensitivity train
3:48 am
what have you experienced? >> we have experienced cultural training on the way to afghanistan. green on blue attacks were starting as we were entering. it is important to understand the culture, that is a no brainer. it is about being respectful and not changing everything you are going to do because of the afghan culture. there is a fine line . we talk about respect everyone but have a plan to kill. you have to understand the difference. afghan-american culture could not be further apart. >> brian: look at what you have to deal with, for avoid blowwing your nose in the presence of muslims and wear surgical gloves when handling the qu'ran. >> these are cultural difference. don't show the bottom of your
3:49 am
fot. if you have a good relationship with somebody, those things are not a big difference. don't do it in a blatantee offensive way. basic stuff that soldiers and marines are going to be aware of. but we are blindd to the fact that the taliban has created a narrative and turning their guns on americans because they see us as infell dels not because of blowing the nose. >> don't accept things with a left hand. i talked to somebody with 10 tours in afghanistan and they say the difference is all amazing and all about the end date. when they found out we were leaving, they had a plan for the next day. do you buy that? >> i buy that 100 percent. the taliban is whispering in the ear of every afghan soldier. we'll be he on january 1st . who will you side with right
3:50 am
now . they look throughh americans to a most american future and our guys are in the middle. that is a narrative of failure. >> brian: they know we are serious because lookk the at the president left iraq. keep our stuff and bee are gone and they know it could happen and just happened. captain. thank you. coming up straight ahead. here we go again. bankings handing out risky loans and same kind that crashed the market . then remember when paul ryan said this in the rnc. >> graduates shouldn't have to live out 20 in their childhood bedroom staring up in fading obama postors. >> this next guess voted for the president and now he's unemployed.
3:51 am
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>> college graduates shouldn't have to live out their 20s in the childhood bedrooms staring up in obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. >> allyson: one of the most infamous speeches. it is double that as the natural average and leafing many under the age of four at home with mom and dad. will that swing the former supporters. joining me is max rice who
3:55 am
voted for obama and now unemployed and just moved out of his parent's home. good morning to you, max. >> hello, miss usa. >> miss america. >> miss universe in my book. tell me your story. you believed had hope and change. >> i was a huge obama supporter and i met him in third grade when i was little. >> why are you supporting mitt romney. >> why am i supporting mitt romney. >> i lost a basketball game to a friend of mine alec who is a supporter of the show. >> so sounds like you are not serious. >> i am disappointed with the directionn the obama and i am
3:56 am
casting my ballot for mitt romney. >> is it true you had to live with your partners after you graduated college. >> i had it on go live with my parents . on national tv and feel like i am doing good and it is an honor. >> are you serious about the intervieww or not. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i can't see your face. >> we are going to wrap it up. >> we are. >> i am not. >> wait, wait, wait. why not? >> i am not sure you are ready for prime time yet. with this interview. >> wait: we are going to give max another chance when he was ready to do the interview. gas prices up 16 sevens and why isn't there more of a
3:57 am
issue. >> and unexpected pit stop turning out to be pretty lucrative with her. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ sweet home obama. [ owner ] i need to expand
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but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 17. mine is going fantastic. >> brian: a little different. >> gretchen: i'm gretchen carlson. did the first successful terrorist attack since 9-11 happen under president obama's watch? the white house is saying no. others are saying, hmm. we report. you decide. >> brian: it was bad bet back in 2008 and it's a bad bet now. why are banks back to handing out risky loan when is we heard they weren't lending to anybody? we'll look at the numbers. >> steve: talk about pit stop, a mom forced to give birth in a nascar parking lot. now that baby is set for life. we'll explain that. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. usually brian gets assigned those interviews. i remember the interviews that you've done with kids who didn't have much to say. in this case, i got a big kid that didn't have much to say in that last -- i feel sorry for this guy. maybe he didn't get lot of sleep. >> brian: i think he was vaccuus and drunk. >> steve: who knew that people changed their political leanings based on whether or not they lose a basketball game. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: and whether or not you know a presidential candidate since you were in the third grade. that stumped me. i was trying do the math in my head. that stumped me. >> brian: he knew when he was a community organizer. maybe he was in the community that president obama was organizing.
4:02 am
>> gretchen: okay. next time he comes on the show, steve and brian, you can do it. >> brian: you think so? >> gretchen: yeah. that might be a better thing. afghan police turn on american troops i killing four this weekend at a remote checkpoint this southern afghanistan. afghan officials say it was attacked by insurgents, but when the americans arrived to help, afghan police fired at them. 51 nato troops have been killed in these type of insider attacks this year alone. the navy accused home grown terrorists who tried to detonate a bomb outside a court heads to court. he was arrested friday night in an undercover operation. the bomb was a fake built by the f.b.i agents had been monitoring him for the past year, ever since he made on liner posts about violent jihad. he's been charged with attempting to ous a weapons of mass destruction. middle eastern 350,000 students locked out of the
4:03 am
classroom after teachers did not vote on a deal that would end their strike. the teachers say they need more time to digest all the details of the contract. the mayor, rahm emanuel, has accused the union of using the children as pawns and sue to end the walkout. >> this could have been worked out earlier. they enough done this when -- should have done this when school was out. >> gretchen: the union will meet again tomorrow. that means the earliest classes could resume would be on wednesday. coming up in 30 minute, we'll have a live report for you from chicago. talk about speedy delivery. a woman in labor is on the way to the hospital when she reallies the baby isn't going to wait. she and her husband pull into the new hampshire motor speedway and get ready to have the baby right then and there. >> he drove us in, ran into the
4:04 am
building, i was in the back seat by myself. they ran in, we need help, we need help. >> gretchen: a motorcycle event was going on at the time. emt's were on hand to help deliver the baby. the speedway has awarded the baby two tickets to nascar races for the rest of her life. >> brian: very nice! one of the cassina driver high school to drive to the airport. they asked him to drive 'cause they knew he'd get there quick and safely. the other thing, that kid was born with a fire suit on. people are worried about the next gens of americans, from 25 to 33, a lot of them. he wants toly bizarre buy. >> steve: if he had a job, he'd have something to do. >> brian: shouldn't he be at occupy wall street. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this, thursday, the breaking news on this program was that there was an attack on sovereign soil of the united states government and we're talking about the libyan consulate in flames right there.
4:05 am
eventually our ambassador was murdered. now while it looks as if it was a coordinated terrorist attack by foreigners, simultaneously attacking from three different sides, guys with masks and guns, come on, this was a terrorist attack despite what this administration says. >> brian: i wouldn't say foreigners. this looks like a terrorist attack that was forecast three days prior, according to reports, and relayed to state department officials inside libya and not adhered to. this also is a situation where we know that there are elements inside libya. it's like the wild west, that the government can't even control. so being that there, the big story here is, the horrific result, number one, and number two, didn't we know about it and what kind of security did we have on the ground? to this this coordinated attack that would seem coordinated by everyone, from the president to people like john mccain to other witnesses who said there were about 50 commandos moving in unison that knew the whole floor
4:06 am
plan of inside the consulate and even now where the safe house was? are you telling me they ad libbed it? n the way the perpetrators acted more, i think -- they're choosing the specific date for this so-called demonstration, i think we have no -- this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> our current best assessment based on the information that we have at present is that, what this began as was a spontaneous not a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. >> steve: not premeditated. >> gretchen: some of the reports say actually that movement, that so-called terrorist attack was already in working order before some of these other protests
4:07 am
started, ostensibly because of that movie. the f.b.i. is on the ground. >> brian: they say it's not safe enough o put them on the ground yet. but it's safe to leave a guy with three guards next to him. >> gretchen: will the ambassador be further questioned on saying that it's not a terrorist attack? what will happen now when jay carney takes to the microphone this morning? spokesperson for the president, will he be asked more questions about whether or not this is a terrorist attack. >> brian: he denied on friday! is this which is surreal that the -- this is surreal that the host country was saying this is a terrorist attack. they killed our people, that they are responsible for, and we're the ones saying, i don't think so. i think they just were a little angry. they got out of control, with rpg's on their shoulder. >> steve: that's how you go to a riot over a movie. jay carney said there was not actionable information.
4:08 am
gretchen is right, according to our friend tony shaver, the timeline is such where the coordinated attack on the ambassador happened before the riot broke out. put that in your pipe and smoke it. >> brian: and 9-11, on 9-11. come on. a coincidence. >> gretchen: let's see what congressman allen west has to say. he served in the military before he got into politics. he had this comment last night on "justice" with judge jeanine. >> they're outright distorting the truth and with the help of the main stream media, this could be an incredible jimmy carter moment for president obama, especially when you go back and look what he said back in 2009 at the university of cairo, we have consistently showed a policy of appeasement. we have not stood up and had a very clear and defined middle east policy. we have emboldened our enemies and really confused our allies. >> steve: so e-mail us. what do you think? was this a terrorist attack, which would not be helpful to
4:09 am
the obama administration less than two months before the big election in november, or was this just something that broke out after they started having the riots regarding the movie? e-mail us or twitter. >> brian: the president got a pass on not knowing if egypt was attacked, going to nevada on the day of the attacks. he got a pass on morsi not condemning the acts of his own people. for 48 hours, had to be berated into it. >> steve: and mitt romney got excoriated for going out there and saying i got questions about his foreign policy. >> brian: by republicans, too. >> gretchen: let's talk about the economy back here at home as well. because some people are saying is this a sense of here we go again? the banks, are they starting to give out risky loans against, cash strapped customers? for the last couple of years, i know a lot of small businesses, people who want to try and go get loan, they can't because your credit score has to be so pristine. so is this now a different group
4:10 am
of people who apparently are able to get some of these loans when maybe they shouldn't exactly be getting them? let's look at the credit score ranges in california. florida, texas, 650 to 59. wisconsin, 660 to 69. the national credit score you need, 664. >> steve: the source of that is an outfit called credit karma. we're going to put up another that shows you the fico scores for people in this country. right now, 46% have little or no credit worthiness at all. and yet, the same subpuerto rico mobility that got us into the trouble in 2008 because these credit companies are making money on credit cards and car loans, they are extendextending money to people who -- extending money to people who don't have the means. >> brian: they say the government is keeping lending rates so low, banks are desperate to lend out cash.
4:11 am
hey, write us right now. are you in need of a business loan and are having trouble or do you suddenly see the purse strings opening up? >> gretchen: i hear that small business people can't get loans unless you have an 800 credit score. >> steve: one of the good things is apparently the amount of credit card debt that people are carrying ask going down and the size of our mortgages. the average credit card in this country, debt went from 7600 to 5400, perhaps people are more frugal. then again, maybe they lost their jobs. bankruptcy, things like that. don't know. >> gretchen: coming up, gas prices up 16 cents from one month ago and they're even worse in the blue states. why isn't anyone talking about gas prices? stuart varney standing by with a very interesting theory. hi, stu. >> brian: then what would james bond's legacy be without sean connery? >> steve: the actor giving the series a big should be.
4:12 am
>> brian: why [ angry ] i just discovered untopped triscuit taste great. oh, it's so good! if this image robbed you of the great taste of untopped triscuit... goat cheese? come on! this is america! ...sorry. [ male announcer ] 100% whole grain woven for an untoppable taste. [ crunch ]
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>> steve: take a look at this. gas price spiking above 4 bucks a gallon all in traditionally democratic states. those prices noticeably higher than those in red states. >> brian: so why isn't this an election issue when the economy seems to be driving it? stuart varney is >> you're right, i mean, this is not a political issue. this is not a liability for president obama at this point. my answer is it's the media. the established media blames the middle east. nothing to do with president obama's energy policy. oh, no. it's the middle east. president obama is not to blame. don't blame him. the media is lining up in favor of the president.
4:16 am
it's a clear case of media bias skewing what would otherwise be a very important election story. >> steve: sure. i filled up my car a couple days ago. it was $100. and i was talking to somebody and they said, the president is doing everything he can. and i said, i've heard that. i've heard he's got that all of the above plan for energy independence. but it's not working out for people who have got to pay 100 bucks to fill up their car. >> brian: all of the above means none of the above. >> that's the way it works out. can you imagine where we would be today if four years ago we would have really gone out there and drilled and gotten the oil which is ours within american territory? do you think we'd be at $4 a gallon gasoline? or 3.88 for most people, or many people? do you think we would still be importing all of this oil from the middle east in the middle of a crisis? do you think we would be there? >> brian: one of the great untold stories is the north american discoveries of oil in and around our shores. we can make do with canada and
4:17 am
mexico and say good-bye even to venezuela. >> not to mention -- look at the employment story in the dakotas. they have a very, very low unemployment rate because they're going after oil on their private property in those states. that's why they're down to 3, 4%. >> brian: why mitt romney isn't there and why president obama doesn't jump on that, i don't get it. >> the establishment media is in the tank for this president and will not allow any blame to attach to him for the failure of his policy, yesterday. >> steve: you know what? i think this would be a big story, negative against barak obama if he were a republican. >> funny you should say that. >> steve: two hours and two minutes from now, stuart varney will take the helm at fox business. we'll be watching. >> thanks very much. >> brian: next up, foreclosed by mistake, not one home, by close to a million homeowners kicked out by banks. >> steve: how would our founding fathers feel about today's
4:18 am
america? former presidential candidate rick santorum takes a look at a brand-new documentary and he joins us. >> brian: who let those horses out? >> established guidelines for good governance. congress encouraged the education while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benets with theisks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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4:20 am
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4:21 am
>> brian: top of the news. $12.8 trillion, that's how much the financial collapse of lehman brothers four years ago is believed to have cost the u.s. wow. next, 800,000. that's how many homes were foreclosed on apparently by high school stake. new study shows the bankser given money to help people with their loans. but poor oversight by the treasury let the banks ignore those rule. finally, $21.1 million. that's how much money steve has in an account and how much money resident evil retribution took
4:22 am
in to the box office, making it the number one movie in america. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. israeli prime minister benefit gentleman anyone netanyahu issue add dire warning to the west. he believes iran is six to seven months away from building a nuclear bomb. >> very close, six months away from being 90% of having the rich uranium bomb. they're in the red zone, the last 20 yards. you can't let them cross that goal line of the you can't let them score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequences, grieve ous consequences for the peace and security of us all and the world really. >> gretchen: is president obama putting enough pressure on iran to insure israel stays safe? joining me, rick santorum. good to see you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: what do you make of the comments from benjamin netanyahu examine the -- and response or lack thereof from the administration? >> this is a warning flair from a man and his people who realize
4:23 am
that iran is on the precipice of doing something that is going to transform the world. not just the middle east. of course, they are on the front line. they are the ones who are the -- at least the approximate target -- approximate target as laid out bit iranian government of a nuclear weapon. and israel cannot, for its own existence, have a policy similar to the united states policy. the united states policy is iran will not get a nuclear weapon and then we do virtually nothing to stop them. that is the most dangerous policy because it tells our enemies not to fear us because we don't mean what we say and tells our allies not to trust us because we don't mean what we say. the israelis have to stand by and do something and i believe that president obama is actually forcing their hand to do something sooner rather than later. because he has distanced himself so much from the state of israel, they can not have any confidence in israel that the president will stand with them after the election. so they're almost in a position
4:24 am
now where they're forced to do something before the election in order to force president obama's hand to stand with them because not doing so would be electoral disaster. >> gretchen: senator, some people have criticized prime minister netanyahu for putting president obama in a tight spot. do you agree with that? >> not well. he has to put president obama in a tight spot because without him being in a spite spot, president netanyahu know what is president obama will do, which is turn his back on them. and not support a strike and, in fact, maybe do things to make it more difficult for them to strike. so they are -- president obama has made his bed here and he has sent very clear signals, as you heard allen west talk about earlier, that if you're a friend of the united states, don't expect us to help you. if you're annan mow of the united states, we want to talk to you, we want to engage you, we want to appease you. that's the policy of this administration and our allies, like israel, see it, understand
4:25 am
it, and know that they have to have some political force to get the president to support them. that's the upcop election. >> gretchen: let's -- upcoming election. >> gretchen: let's talk about a film called "our sacred honor." there is other familiar faces in it. let me show a clip here. >> what is the purpose of america? america is not about great wealth or power. america is about an idea. the profound and beautiful ideas contained in our founding document, the declaration of independence and our constitution, enabled us to create the greatest nation in the history of the world. >> gretchen: i think i recognize that voice, right, senator? >> you sure do. it's really interesting. the folks saw me on a campaign trail and when i traveled around the country, people said, how did you come from nowhere and do as well as you did? every speech i talked about the declaration of the constitution. i talked about who we are as a country and what our founding
4:26 am
principles are and how they are very much at stake not just in this election, but in our country, in our culture. and they were excited about some of the things i said and laid out on the campaign trail and they said, let's take this and do a movie p who we are -- and who we are as americans, what our founders created, that made us different, for example, than the french revolution. there is lot about the french revolution, how they went in one direction with their revolution. we went another. i would make the argument that those who are trying to transform america today are heading down the road of the french revolution as opposed to the road to god had given rights and freedom, being with the people instead of centralized in a central place at the french revolution report to do do. >> gretchen: it's called "our sacred honor." rick santorum is the voice behind it and so many others. you might want to check it out. thanks very much. >> go to our sacred honor >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. we'll see you soon. check this little guy out, nine
4:27 am
weeks old. look at that face. but, he has a huge future. a big one ahead. he's east a superior sniffer. he's soon going to be fighting everything from terror to cancer. then the united states seems to be on the top of the world. now we're number seven. who is to blame and can get back on top? donald trump standing by with his advice. stick around does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> brian: fox news alert. rahm emanuel turning to the courts to end a teacher strike that is entering its second week. we have steve brown live in chicago where teachers are about to hit the picket lines again, even though they have a proposal in their midst. >> brian, yes. they do is a proposal in their midst. yesterday the house of delegates, if you will, the teachers union's elected congress, got together to consider who to have a vote to end this strike. but after two hours of examining the proposal, which was newly put on paper after a weekend's worth of work, the teachers union decided to not have that vote and decided to postpone that decision for two more days because they needed a little more time. >> i have a certain amount of integrity. i'm not going to sit up and hold up a book and say, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread because i'm supposed to sell it. i'm not a marketer. our people now how to read and
4:32 am
do math and they understand these things. so they need the opportunity to have the time to do that. i'd like to give it to them. >> so while teachers continue to mill over that particular offer, they will remain on strike. this will be the sixth school day knocked out by the teachers strike. the mayor, rahm emanuel, decided enough is enough, at least in terms of action on his part examine seek an injunction to force the teachers to go back to work. in a statement released last night, he said in part, i have instructed the city's corporation counsel to work with the general counsel, the chicago public schools, to file an injunction in circuit court to immediately end this strike and get our children back in the classroom. the teachers union, for its part, is really upset about this particular move to take this matter into court while there is still an agreement being hammered out by both sides and they'll be holding a press conference at noon local time right outside mayor rahm
4:33 am
emanuel's office on the fifth floor of city hall. if the strike has been contentious in the past, it's about to get more so with this bit by the mayor to try to get an injunction to force them back to the job. >> brian: allall right. breaking news. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> steve: check this out, it's a picture of solar eclipse taken from mars. you don't see that every day. as you can see, one of the red planet's moons called bobos taking a slight bite out of the sun's edge. the image caught on camera by the curiousity rover through a filter and sent back to earth where we're watching it. mars has two moons and reportedly the rover is gearing up to take more eclipse pictures of that one as well. >> brian: are we allowed to name mars' moons? >> steve: somebody had to. >> gretchen: take a look at this beautiful future. pick upy is one of seven pooches hand picked by breeders and researchers to be studied for a breeding program that will develop lean, mean, sniffing
4:34 am
machines. these super pup also work with search and rescue mission, military deployment, and even be trained to detect cancer. for the next two years, they're going to be under close watch as researchers try to understand what helps them succeed so it can be used in the program. >> steve: looks like my dog, charlie. >> brian: the james bond series getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary without one of its biggest stars. >> bond. james bond. >> brian: sean connery refuses to attend because he says he's been cheated out of millions of dollars by producers. the money dispute has been going on for four decades. connery voted the best bond by fans, starred in six movies and earned $3 million. while the bond series earned $1.6 billion in the u.s. alone. >> steve: lawyers for britain's royal family heading to court in paris. they're expected to file a criminal complaint against the french photographer who took those topless photos of kate middleton who was sunbathing on
4:35 am
vacation. the palace launched its civil lawsuit against closer magazine, which printed them. prince william is seek an injunction against the magazine. the publisher is expected to print a 26-page feature in an italian magazine today, hinting at even more intimate photos of kate. >> gretchen: time to bring in donald trump who i believe has a comment on that last story. good morning to you. >> good morning. and while we're all fans of kate, can you imagine why would she ever be outside in the nude? you commented before, gretchen, examine i thought your comment was very precise and accurate. why would she be standing in the nude in the swimming pool or wherever she was and she's kate? so you know, it's terrible what they did. it's terrible to take pictures. but boy, how can you do a thing so stupid? >> steve: especially given the fact -- we don't know where these particular photos were taken. but was it two weeks ago where you got prince harry and there he is naked.
4:36 am
>> the harry thing, you can also say he was lax, but to be outside at a swimming pool without a top on and you're kate? you know, maybe they can stop it. but it is a very, very foolish thing she did. >> brian: only people without money and fame should take their tops off? >> maybe that's correct. >> steve: keep your clothes on, donald. >> i think we have to look at it that way. >> gretchen: from paparrazzi to should the u.s. stop foreign aid to countries like egypt over these embassy attacks? we remember last week the president of the united states wasn't sure if egypt was an ally or an enemy and that brings into question then should we continue to give them $1.6 billion a year? what do you think? >> i don't even think it should be a question. it seems like so obvious and they treat us terribly. they're now taken overment it was a different thing when mubarak, but we ran him out of power. but when he was running things, at least you could talk to
4:37 am
egypt. now all of a sudden they have become the big enemy. they're run by the muslim brotherhood. you shouldn't be answering the question. the answer is absolutely not. if we didn't pay, they'd be coming back to us begging for the money 'cause they desperately need it. >> brian: i was amazed over the weekend at people -- actually last week, were focused on when mitt romney should be critical of the communications on the state department within the egyptian attacks and not over the fact there was 20 attacks against us, not over the fact that president obama was going to nevada the day after our ambassador was murdered. they were focusing on mitt romney. i've never seen such imbalance. >> it's incredible. it's really -- we have to do something and the republicans have to do something. honestly, mitt has to do something. any statement he makes, they attack him. how dare you make this statement. we're in the middle of a conflict. how dare you make it? it doesn't matter, if he would have made it ten hours later, they would have said the same thing. and everybody says, wasn't it
4:38 am
terrible? the statement he made was totally fine of the nothing wrong with the staple he made. and they're trying to always put you on the defensive. if you say anything bad about obama, they put you on the defensive. how can you say this about this president? are you a racist? it's a horrible thing. it's terrible. i mean, what's going on is terrible. and you know, i just sort of thought of it over the last watching your show over the last while, we have an unlucky president. he's been unlucky for this country. everything he touches turns to trouble. and i was going to use the worst word, but i refused to use that word. but everything he toughs turns to trouble. his foreign policy is a disaster. the middle east is exploding with all the billions and trillions we have spent there, it's exploding. our economy stinks. he's an unlucky president for this country. >> steve: donald, do you feel he's you unlukey or just -- unlucky or a bad judge of what it takes to get us out of a
4:39 am
hole? >> i actually think, steve, that he's unlucky and i also think that he's unitallented. -- untalented. >> brian: in terms of a pure report card, if you just look at it, you would think, if this was mitt romney's four-year report card, the republican part probably would convince him not to run for reelection. >> the one problem is you look at the polls and the polls are very close and the republicans, these polls should not be close. these polls should be a blow away for the republicans. the republicans are going to have to run much tougher and much harder. they can not be put on the defensive. you have to say one thing about obama, he's got an amazing team of people around him. >> gretchen: yep. >> anything anybody says about obama, they immediately attack him and put everybody on the defensive. we need somebody to go in there and really attack because otherwise they're going to lose the election. >> gretchen: so domestically, last week we were saying it's interesting how politics can change on a dime. you suddenly have a foreign policy incident where people
4:40 am
didn't care about foreign policy. now maybe they do. now let's bring it back home to the economy because as you said, that still stinks and now the u.s. credit rating, we might be downgraded again. >> we were. >> gretchen: are americans so paying attention to that? >> i think they are. i think they see what's happening. and don't forget, obama has a big constituency and everybody that doesn't work is voting for obama and that's a lot of people. so i don't know why. it should be the opposite. people that aren't working should be voting for the republicans. you know, you look at what's going on in the inner city, where he is a tremendously ahead, and yet they have 50 and 60% unemployment. it should be the opposite. somebody has to explain this. somebody has to go out and explain this from the republican party. unfortunately, they're not really doing it because these polls should not be close. these polls should be a landslide for the republicans. >> steve: don't you think part of it -- and gas prices doubled since this guy has taken office.
4:41 am
>> that's right. >> steve: a big part of it is that you can see the latest price, 3.87, national price per gallon. a big part of it is the national news and the mine stream media are completely in the tank for him. so he gets free play all day long on all the channels. >> the thing with the gas prices could be settled so easily. we have so much under our beautiful feet. we have so much oil and so much gas examine so many things that we never knew about ten years ago. with technology, we finds out we're so rich, but not allowed to go get it. we would solve that problem. we don't even need opec, who is laughing at our stupidity. we don't need these people. we have it right here. and we have to do something because the middle east is such a disaster. they hate us. whether you like saying it or not, they hate us. let's spend the money on our bridge, our roads, our schools. let's come back, let's come back to this country and spend our money properly. >> brian: if we say good-bye to the middle east, we say good-bye
4:42 am
to israel and that doesn't fly. you said how great obama's reelection team is. are you saying from mitt romney's guys that they're lacking? >> it's too early to say. all i know is this: the economy is horrible. he's the worst president ever on foreign policy. everything is going bad and as i said, and i hope somebody picks it up because frankly -- i don't want the credit for it -- he's our unlucky president. he's unlucky for our country. everything is turning bad for our country. and i know that. i know people in business. they're unlucky. their businesses go bad no matter what happens. the economy can be good, anything can happen. i have known many of them over the years, businessmen, they're unlucky. he's an unlucky president. we should be winning in a landslide. we're not. so something is wrong. the republicans are doing something wrong. their convention was not good. the democrats had a much better convention. something is wrong with the republicans and they have to get tougher and smarter or they're
4:43 am
going to lose this election and it's almost impossible to lose it. >> brian: did you tell mitt romney that? >> i certainly indicated it, yes. >> steve: we're lucky you join us every monday morning. we'll see you next week. >> gretchen: coming up, the occupy wall street movement marking its one year anniversary. is it really that much to celebrate? what they don't want you to know. that's coming up next. >> brian: out with the old, in with the new. new judges to reveal. they're going to be a big press conference today. she's out. he's in. >> steve: the aflac trivia question of the day, this actress is best known for her on screen horror hostess character, elvira, mistress of dark. what's her real name? e-mail us with the correct answer and you'll be the winner. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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>> gretchen: 46 minutes past the top the hour. u.s. and more than two dozen allies are gathering in the gulf for war games. vessels, destroyers, assault ships and more headed to the strait of hormuz for 12 days of naval exercises to practice tactics in case of a war with iran. you're looking at the new "american idol" judges. yep. keith urban, nicky minage, mariah carey, randy jackson. auditions kicked off this weekend. it premieres in january. steve? >> steve: thanks. occupy wall street organizers are planning a massive protest today to mark their first anniversary. but a new report from the a.p. says the group is in total disarray. completely falling apart. steven crowder joins us now. would you agree with that assessment? they just don't know what they're doing these days? >> i'm in total disarray that nicki minaj is going to be on "american idol." i don't know that. here is the thing, the movement
4:48 am
is in entirely based on selfish motive. so it has to implode on its own way. i talked with tucker carlson. the tea party is tied to conservativism, it's attached to anism. theism of life, pursuit of happiness, constitutionally limited government. the occupy movement is based on wanting more free crap. so when that happens, of course, it's like herding cats and that's why you see the biggest mark they've made, really over the last year, has been a mark of crime. >> steve: sure. we're looking at some of the video next to our faces right now. and that almost looks like what happened last week in libya. and in cairo. western talk being the occupy -- we're talking about the occupy forces moving out in the last year, 7,000 arrests in 119 different cities. over the last year when people -- in the beginning, they did compare them to the tea party. come on! tea party, i don't think they
4:49 am
had seven arrests let alone 7,000. >> multiple of those arrests were actually towards people who assaulted me, one in denver and in zuccotti park. yeah, you're right. i don't know exactly what's going on today. they're americaning. they were supposed to start at 7, but i wouldn't bet on them to get an early start. seems like the cops blocked zuccotti park. so you know they're going to clash with police because they think they deserve nor free crap. but you -- more free crap. the tea party leveraged their ideology into really a political influence of keeping conservative candidates accountable to the platform they publicly profess. occupiers were able to do none of that because you can say it with me, they just want more free crap. we'll make it a sing song for them. exactly. they can follow the dancing crack pipe for the occupiers. they can say it along with -- by the way, it's absolutely true, i've been tho these. if they disagree, you can find
4:50 am
me on twitter. very easy to find. >> steve: i've got a feeling they will. steven crowder joining us from grand rapids. thank you. by the way, happy third weekend anniversary. >> yes. this is true. thank you, steve. appreciate that. >> steve: thank you. straight ahead on this monday, president obama's 2009 speech to the muslim world promised more of a play nice policy. are protesters taking advantage of that? that's coming up next. first on this date in 1993, "dream lover "by mariah carey, numero uno [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip!
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4:53 am
>> gretchen: answer to the aflac question of the day, cassandra peterson. the winner in wyoming.
4:54 am
>> brian: back in 2007, then senator barak obama claimed if elected, the muslim world would like us because he was one of them. take a listen. >> i truly believe that the day i'm maturitied, not only does the country look at itself differently, but the world does. if i'm reaching out to the muslim world, they understand that i've lived in a muslim country and i may be a christian, but i also understand their point of view. i think -- >> gretchen: we now have four americans murdered in what libya says was a planned terrorist attack and growing protests around the muslim world. if obama had taken a tougher stance, would things be different? joining us, middle east expert and advisor to mitt romney. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchen: first of all, was it a terrorist attack? >> it was a terrorist attack for sure. the libyan president said so. cairo said so. and observers in the middle east are saying so. this does not mean that those who did the demonstration are the same as those who attacks the embassy.
4:55 am
this was an operation, provides operation and these are militants attacking our embassy. >> brian: we heard that george bush was the problem. it was his policies over eight years that got everybody angry at us and the war in iraq. when the president made that cairo speech, things were supposed to be better. are the 20 attacks attacks in 20 different nations have anything to do with the president's policies in the middle east and his speech in cairo? >> of course, it all began in the speech in cairo which was not reflecting an american consensus. it was not debated in congress. it was not debated here. this is a major change in foreign policy. the president went there and guess what? he met actually the muslim brotherhood much his dialogue was with the muslim brotherhood. we didn't see women organizations in that auditorium. he told the muslim brotherhood that we are changing policy, we're withdrawing from afghanistan and iraq. so what kinds of message is going to be heard by the muslim brotherhood? that we are being on a defeat role. that's why today the jihaddists
4:56 am
and others are on a region that they know, that they are in a much better than they were before five, six years ago. >> gretchen: so you believe that actually things will potentially get worse the more you reach out to be friendly? >> it's about their perception of our policy. if they know we are withdrawing, if they know that we are don't perceive where the threat is, if we withdraw, they will move forward. they're not going to withdraw as well. i'm talk being the jihaddist and others. so yes, the projection now is whatever hezbollah declared out of lebanon, they're going to join the demonstrations, wherever they can, they will do. this is not going to stop. >> brian: it's not going to stop, but is there anything we can do to help curtail it? >> first of all, we need to well protect our embassies, our institutions, our citizens. the administration needs to be very clear with the american public. there is a jihadi war against us. this is not about the video. this is about the confrontation with an enemy that is very determined. number one. and number two, we need
4:57 am
basically to tell our leaders in the middle east that they should stop this. >> brian: thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: did the first successful terrorist attacks sin 9-11 just happen under president obama's watch? the white house says no. but dana perino is going to join us moments away to let us know her thoughts ain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 17, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. the first successful terrorist attack just happen under president obama's watch? the white house is saying no. >> what this began as was a spontaneous response to what transpired in cairo. >> gretchen: what does the former spokesperson for president bush think? dana perino is right ahead. >> steve: the obama administration having trouble defining who our allies are. so it's no wonder prime minister benjamin netanyahu can't trust the united states. wait until you hear what he just
5:01 am
said. that's coming up. >> brian: that's a little girl in a gorilla cage. her dad says she's super safe. a lot of folks are horrified, including sounds like steve it. >> steve: just a little. unless it's somebody in a monkey suit. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: that video looks pretty scary. it's a wild animal. >> brian: right. he gets escoriated by bringing his child. >> gretchen: wouldn't be letting my kid do that. but to each their own. let's do your headlines. afghan police turn on american troops killing four this weekend. the deadly attack happened at a remote checkpoint in southern afghanistan. they say it was attacked by insurgents, but when the americans arrived to help, afghan police fired at them. 51 nato troops have been killed in insider attacks and
5:02 am
afghanistan this year. this afternoon the accused home grown terrorist who allegedly tried to detonate a car bomb outside a chicago bomb heads to court. the 18-year-old was arrested friday night. it was an undercover operation. the bomb ended up being a fake because built by the f.b.i agent high school been monitoring him for the past year, ever since he made on-line posts about violent jihad. he's been charged with attempt to go use a weapon of mass destruction. teach increase chicago about to hit the picket lines fort second week now. this after they didn't vote on a deal to end their strike. the teachers say they need more time to digest all the details of the contract. the mayor, rahm emanuel, now says he will sue to end the walkout and get more than 350,000 students back in the classroom. parents are equally frustrated. >> all summer and this could have been worked out earlier. they should have did this when
5:03 am
school was out. they should have done this before it was time for these kids to start school. >> gretchen: the union will meet again tomorrow. that means the earliest that classes could resume would not be until wednesday. take a live look now outside here in new york city where occupiers already back in action protesting as today marks the one year anniversary of the so-called movement. just minutes ago, police arresting at least two demonstrators as they try to block traffic near the stock exchange, making a mess for commuters today. cops arrested at least 25 people over the weekend. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: let's bring in our buddy from "the five," dana perino. we've been talking this morning that all indications are what happened to our ambassador over in libya, it was a hit. and it was terrorism. this white house says absolutely not. it wasn't premeditated and, you know, so just stop talking like that. >> basically they were like, could we just stop talking about this all together? when you are trying to spin something, you at least want it to be plausible. this to me, is inexplicable and
5:04 am
all saturday morning, i had anxiety as we're tag actually going to say it's a terrorist attack, and it's not, and it's a small group of people and it's not. and they carry rocket propelled grenades and knew about it, but they didn't. and the libya people say america was warned and the state department on saturday says we're not going to talk about this anymore. on sunday, you have the u.n. ambassador saying, look, it was a spontaneous thing, a movie started the whole thing. they owe the american people and our ally has better explanation and the facts. >> brian: i felt insulted. >> i felt scared. if they're going to say that a video like this made by somebody in california who then they detained and questioned. >> steve: probation violation. >> how many high school students do you think spent the weekend trying make a video in their basement that would be more inflammatory than that? where does it end? >> brian: and would have done a better job. >> you're either for free speech or you're not.
5:05 am
what happens the next time is the president going to call somebody and say, please don't put up that youtube video because somebody in the middle east might be offended? >> brian: the joint chiefs of staff shook down that idiot pastor in florida. >> gretchen: let's listen to the different message that we got from the libyan president yesterday and then the united states ambassador to the united nations susan rice. >> the way these perpetrators acted moved, i think they're choosing the specific date for this so-called demonstration, i think we have no -- this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> our current best assessment based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what had transpired
5:06 am
in cairo. >> steve: how crazy is that, that the host nation, the nation where it's happening said, yeah, it was premeditated. we warned him. and then there she is out on the sunday shows saying -- >> i was surprised she was on the sunday shows because on saturday, i thought the state department spokesperson, victoria n lurksland, even though it was a frustrating thing because they had been answering the question for three days, when she said, we are not going to answer anymore questions about this until the justice department finishes its investigation, i thought that's smart. just from an operational standpoint, let's just wait. then the next morning, you get this spin and i hope that people don't just let this go. ambassador stevens and the others that were killed in that attack deserve better and if we are also in the same breath when president obama does his rose garden ceremony and he's talking about how we are going to work with the libyan government, she basically just called him a liar. or he is lying to her. >> gretchen: two things, this will be up to the reporters today to press jay carney at the white house, the spokesperson for the president.
5:07 am
so we'll see if that happens. but also -- i just think that because there is so much talk about this incendiary video, that i think that the terrorist attack can get lost in the shuffle. >> i hope not. you're right. it's not just the reporters in the room. i thought interesting on-line piece who did his own calling to find out, who is this guy? the guy that they say made the video, turns out he doesn't exist. okay. who made this video then? he's an egyptian person, originally when they arrested him on a probation charge? arrested? >> steve: because he was supposed to stay away from the internet. >> brian: what you're saying is this guy ends up being a coptic christian who came to this country, got himself in legal trouble, does this video, duped the actor, evidently, who were trying to save their careers, but at the same time, portrayed himself as an israeli, as a jewish person to make things worse. but bottom line is, he should not be the issue. here is the scary thing. they know who ambassador stevens is. he's not just a person or head
5:08 am
shot. they know him personally. don't you think they have a personal obligation to find out who killed him and why? and to send susan rice out there who i imagine knows him, to lie about that because she is too intellectually -- she's too smart to actually think that was a spontaneous event when they showed up with rpg's shoulder fired missile to a protest, on 9-11. >> and you have to ask if this movie that will describe the killing of bin laden, that's coming out after the election, are they going to ask sony not to run that because that could offend a lot of people? >> brian: a lot of people think it offended people it million tarrized. >> that's the problem that gets to me. we've muddled this too much. you either are for free speech or n. you either help them figure out what free speech means and be able to deal with it examine be offended and i want to know, where is the national endow endowment for the arts? where are all of these people who always defend any sort of artwork that would demean
5:09 am
christianity but when it comes to this, they're silent? >> steve: that's a good point. so we just saw a sound bite from the u.n. ambassador to the united states, susan rice, a lot of people don't know much about her. but she apparently is on the short list to replace hillary clinton because everybody knows hillary will be leaving the state department. she made that pretty clear. if susan rice takes over, what does that mean for our foreign policy if the president of the united states is reelected? >> i find it hard to believe that she would be in line for that position. >> steve: john kerry is also on the list. >> senator kerry has been working very hard in order to get it. do you you think about the tenure over the past ten years, they've done one resolution on iran. if you look at syria, for example, we can't get anybody to work together at the united nations to deal with a syrian government who has killed over 25,000 of its own people. i would be surprised if she's there. but remember, she was one of the people that she very much wanted a can be net position. the u.n. ambassador is not a
5:10 am
cabinet position. when president obama took over, in order to make her feel better, they elevated that to a cabinet position. >> brian: she'll be appeaser in chief? that's what it seems like. >> i don't know if i'd go that far. but it's hard for me --he qualir that job? >> way more than me. whoever the president of the united states is, will have to make that decision. >> gretchen: let's talk about israel because this sort of got lost in the shuffle last week after what happened in libya as far as benjamin netanyahu supposedly requesting a meeting with the president and then not getting that. now he's gone on the attack again, although he says he's not endorsing either obama or romney. but he says that we should really be looking at iran and the focus nuke problem, like oklahoma city here in our own country. here is benjamin netanyahu. >> as they get closer and closer and closer to the achievement of weapons grade material, they're very close, six months away from being about 90% of having the rich uranium for an atom bomb, i
5:11 am
think you have to place that red line for them now. they're in the red zone. you know, they're in the last 20 yards. you can't let them cross that goal line of the you can't let them score a touchdown. it's like timothy mcveigh walk ing into a shop in oklahoma city and say, i'd like to tend my garden. i'd like to buy some fertilizer. how much do you want? i don't know. 20,000 pounds. >> steve: he needs our help. >> how he is describing things is in terms -- he thinks will help americans better understand what he's going through. and it's not apples to ams, but -- am, but none of us can understand what it's like to be him. he's responsible for the protection of his people. he's surrounded by enemies and they must feel very alarm that had they think the united states is not being as cooperative and helpful, at least on the political level. i get some comfort from knowing
5:12 am
that our military, our military and the israeli military are more in sync, but everybody has a different clock, different watch. none of them are synced up. his watch is going fast. and ahmadinejab is on a different planet with his clock. >> brian: nobody wants a war, but nobody wants a nuclear weapon. but they used the analogy yesterday that said for those of you who think president obama is not getting along with netanyahu, bush # 41 never got along with his prime minister. he didn't make a big deal of it. >> this is not about personal relations. it's about business, really, when it comes to the politics of business. remember, president bush pushed back very hard. he's the one who said arafat is a dictator and would not deal with him anymore. he inherited infada. sharon peres pulled people together. i think that will continue. the israelis must be alarmed enough or know enough that they want some sort of commitment and
5:13 am
i understand the red line piece. they feel like if there is not a red line, then people will keep push examining pushing and then it will be too late. >> gretchen: we'll check you out on "the five" today. thanks for your thoughts. >> brian: and those other four people. dozens of americans killed by afghan soldiers after they were trained by them. we are told it may be their fault. our troops are getting sensitivity training. >> brian: gun sales skyrocketing since the president took office. are his policies a threat to your second amendment rights? a gun shop owner will join in [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
5:14 am
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so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. >> steve: gun sales across the
5:17 am
united states have skyrocketed ever since president obama took office. take a look at this. according to the f.b.i., 12 million people have undergone background checks in order to buy a firearm. back in 2008, the number was 7.5 million. >> brian: why is that? >> steve: good question. let's talk to the owner of gun smoke, a colorado gun shop, brian. >> brian: rich is back. rich, why are people running to grab their gun? are they concerned about the president being reelected? >> absolutely. good morning, guys. yeah. i think when he got elected the first time, people were very concerned about whether they'd be able to get guns in the future. i think they're more concerned now because if barak obama was to be reelected, which i don't think he will be, then we'll see the true barak obama and we'll get to see him make the rest of the country look like chicago. >> brian: is that just a hunch? >> no, it's not a hunch. he has banned the importation of 500,000 mrs, which were made in the united states. he wouldn't let those back in the chrism that's pretty antigun
5:18 am
move. >> steve: you say that one of the reasons that so many people are buying gun, at least as verified bit background check number, they're afraid barak obama, in his first term would take away your second amendment rights. now if he is reelected, i understand you think, well, he's never going to have to be reelected again. so katie bar the door. >> yeah. if he gets relie detectorred, we will see the real barak obama. he'll be able to do whatever he wants. now he's worried about getting reelected. you can see that. he didn't do any of the things he said he was going to doors closing down gitmo and all the stuff he talked about. and so the issue is guns for second amendment people. and i think he will take pro-active steps to try to ban certain types of guns. like the clintons did. but guns are popular for multiple reasons. for television shows, like ours on discovery channel. and the fact that the world is embracing guns again and concealed carry. popular in all 50 states now and
5:19 am
people are finding out they protect themselves, they're safer. >> brian: here is where the president released this statement. president obama's record makes clear that he supports and respects the second amendment and the tradition of gun ownership in this country. and will continue to fight back against any attempts to mislead voters. >> steve: are you misleading voters, rich? >> i'm trying not to. but here is the thing, this guy came from chicago. which chicago has the worst gun laws and the highest violent crime rate per capita of almost any place we can go to and it's because of restrictions put on private citizens. i know what he really wants to do and he could tell me all he wants that he's not going to be antes gun. but i've heard this from others in the past. examine the bottom line is, he may not outwardly try to take guns away in the first term, but in the second term, you're going to find out exactly what barak obama wants to do 'cause he doesn't need to get reelected again. that's why i'm supporting mitt romney. >> steve: all right. rich, owner of gun smoke in colorado. also you see him on "american
5:20 am
guns" on the discovery channel where business is booming. thank you for joining us live today. >> thanks for having us. appreciate it. >> brian: meanwhile, a warning, more disturbing, perhaps than you're used to. >> steve: parents say their fourth graders were told to draw these pictures of the terrorist attacks in school. you're going to hear from one of those parents coming up. >> brian: then hundreds of hard working americans out of work. so prisoners can have their jobs? we'll explain ♪
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> steve: quick headlines. the cost of gas tons climb. triple a reporting the average price for a gallon right now, 3.86 a gallon. that's up two cents from a week
5:24 am
ago. prices usually go down after labor day. but thanks to tension in the middle east, and hurricane isaac, that's not the case this year. and we're following this. >> the mood is tense. i have been on some serious, serious reports, but nothing quite like this. >> steve: isn't that from "anchorman"? >> brian: i'm not really sure. >> steve: things have calmed down at the national zoo in washington, d.c. after a female giant panda gave birth to a cub, a live look at the national zoo's panda cam of the mom and the baby, adore a. as you can tell. zoo staff says it's hard to seat cub because mom built a nest. having been down in washington for a long time when that happens, when there is talk of a panda, pandamoniem. >> gretchen: we send brian to cover those stories. >> brian: again, there is a
5:25 am
reason they don't want to procreate. they're tired, they're bored. >> gretchen: they can't prank you. >> steve: and the handlers can. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: let's talk about this. four nato troops have been killed by insurgents in u.s. uniforms in afghanistan. so now we're analyzing how the pentagon is responding to this and apparently it has to do with offering a up sensitivity training, muslim sensitivity training for u.s. troops. so here is part of that training. you have to wear surgical gloves when handling the koran. avoid nose blowing in the presence of muslims. avoid offering a or accepting things with the left hand and never show the bottoms of your boots. >> steve: i wonder, do we do this for other religions? i don't know. i honestly don't know. >> brian: well, we've been in war there for ten years and we think the problem is we're not sensitive enough to the culture. how about they're not appreciative enough of the freedom we gave them? the captain has been there, has been through it and trains guys to go through and be culturally
5:26 am
aware when they go to war. >> it's important to understand the culture. that's a no brainer. you want to understand that. but the more you -- it's about being respectful. not about pouring yourself out and changing everything you're going to do because of the afghan culture. there's a fine line there. what we oftentimes talked about is respect everyone, but have a plan to kill everybody at the same time. it's not going to solve the problem, brian. we're blind to the fact that the taliban have attempted to infiltrate, they're creating a narrative and turning their guns on americans because they see us as infidels. not because they're blowing our nose. >> brian: the story of afghanistan is they got 42,000. they told everyone we're pulling out, so they're trying to show the taliban, who they believe will take the country back, that they never were close to us. and a scary thing happened overt weekend, they penetrated one of our biggest bases and blew up eight fighter injuries at a cost
5:27 am
of $200 million. and killed two of our guys. so they're getting more bold and more sophisticated in their attacks. all we're talking about is being more culturally sensitive? they're portraying it as if taliban are wearing the uniforms. i'm getting the sense these are the guys who are training are switching sides. >> steve: right. and is it making us more -- the sensitivity training, is it make us more popular around the world? jake tapper asked susan rice yesterday why does the foreign policy seem to impolicient and why are we less popular around the world than we were four years ago. she said that's not the case. >> brian: she says we've never been more liked. >> steve: yeah, right. >> gretchen: coming up, the latest on the royal photo scandal. prince william taking unprecedented action now to keep pictures of his wife under wraps. but will it actually work? >> brian: this little girl had a gorilla cage. don't worry action her dad says she's perfectly safe. lot of folks are horrified this
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> brian: take a real close look. this is real. 18 month old girl playing with a 300-pound gorilla. it's 22 years old, but just been released for the first time. and it's sparking new debate
5:32 am
among parents. some of which said we should keep our children away from gore relay's. some were shocked to see the toddler being picked up and carried around by the huge animal. the man who shot it is a conservation foundation guy and he's hoping it would show their gentle nature. >> gretchen: the only problem is that we've talked a lot about wild animals and attacks in the last couple of years. i can think of several. >> brian: what about the chimp who attacked and woman and ripped off her face. >> gretchen: that's what i'm thinking about. >> brian: it was a chimp. >> brian: b.j. and him? >> who was that? >> brian: what was the name of the clint eastwood move yeah with the gorilla? "any which way but loose." >> gretchen: okay. we have to switch gears. anti-american protests turning
5:33 am
violent. throwing rocks, setting cars on fire at a military base and shouting death to america. the spike in violence comes as hezbollah calls for more protests in the middle east. greg palkot joins us live with the latest on the situation. good morning, or good afternoon. >> hi. yeah, the protests triggered by the made in the u.s. anti-muslim film continued to spread around the world from here if tunisia and elsewhere. on the outskirts of kabul, there were cars burned, rocks thrown, injuries reported. didn't breach the walls, though, of that u.s. base. next to pakistan in a major city of catchy, the consulate there, the u.s. consulate was approached by protesters. they got by one barrier. they didn't scale the walls. no staffer was hurt. but it was a deadly scene scene.
5:34 am
lebanon. call from the hezbollah leader. he is ordering protests later today in beirut. he said he was nice about it, he waited until now because the pope was in lebanon over the weekend. and here in tunisia, the u.s. embassy is open merely on an emergency basis. staffers and family members were evacuated over the weekend by the state department. this followed a deadly and dangerous protest that swept through the embassy compound here, as well as an american school nearby. we visited what was left of that american school. amazing action by the administrators. they saw the protests going on across the street in the u.s. embassy. they had 600 kids in school, k through 12, including 100 americans. it's all international families. they send the kids home. two hours later, other islamists were over the wall of the school and they ransacked the place. very, very happy people that they were able to save these kids' lives in a dangerous
5:35 am
situation. back to you. >> rick: indeed. greg palkot live, thank you very much. occupiers are back in action today protesting on the one year anniversary of their so-called movement. just moments ago, police have arrested at least two demonstrators as they were trying to block the traffic near the new york stock exchange, making a mess for commuters. joining us now from the stock exchange, nicole. tell us about the big anniversary. >> the big anniversary, we'll see if it's a big anniversary at all. so far there is so much police presence, it's exciting to see the new york police department working in full force. i mean, i am standing now inside the new york stock exchange. came in early. the protesters were set to gather at 7 a.m so we do have obviously the perimeter of the exchange surrounded. there are gates that extend well beyond the new york stock exchange. further than they did in prior days where they were set to protest. roadway is blocked off. the protesters are making it
5:36 am
known they are there. about 200 folk or so are on the broadway side. so that street is blocked off. and when i came in on the other side, when you come up down the highway, fdr highway from water street, there is double gates. it's amazing how they are lined up. there are horses, there are double gates, there are police. there are the small police units. there are the paddy wagons on every side. so the police force is certainly ready. but we'll see whether or not the occupy wall street folks make as much of ai don't say and protest -- chaos and cause as much havoc as they hope to. it's supposed to be civil disobedience and protesting everything from corporate greed to bailouts and such. but it's an interesting day to come down here. >> steve: no kidding. we heard on the news coming in this morning that apparently they were going to wear suits and ties to try to infiltrate the building. they got security. that ain't happening there. >> i'll tell you, that's so funny because if they're in suits and ties, you know what i
5:37 am
wore in here? i wore sweats and crocs. it's a complete role reversal. i came down the block and one of the security guards said one of those points. he said yeah, she's good. it's one of those things. another guy over here, security said he's walking along and all of a sudden, did one of these. flashed a badge and dove in. so it really is. you're coming in and being someone incognito. so far, luckily there is no altercations outside, not that i'm seeing. and there were some arrests over the weekend. so far, so good. those force are doing a great job. >> brian: where do you change? >> in a phone booth like wonder woman or whoever changes there. no, i made it in. >> gretchen: good job. thanks so much. let's do other headlines this morning. >> steve: yep. the lawyers for britain's royal family heading to court today in paris. they're expected to file a criminal complaint against a photographer who took those topless photos of kate middleton
5:38 am
sunbathing on vacation. what was she thinking? the palace launch add civil lawsuit against closer magazine, which printed the magazine. prince william seeking an injunction against the magazine's publisher. it is expected to print a 26-page feature in an italian magazine later today, reportedly using even more intimate photos of kate. >> brian: you heard donald trump blames kate for taking her top off. >> steve: what was she thinking? >> steve: new development in the crime that stunned the country way become in the '70s. i remember i read this book, saw the movie. remember this? it was the tv mini series "fatal vision". >> an ambulance. >> yes? >> gretchen: today former green beret jeffrey mcdonald, who has been behind bars for the murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters gets another chance to prove his innocence. a case hinges on something that wasn't available when he was
5:39 am
first put on trial and that is dna evidence. mcdonald, who is currently serving three life sentences, is not eligible for parole until 2020. >> brian: hundreds of hard work americans losing their jobs to prisoners. two companies that make uniforms for the u.s. military are being forced to down size next month when the government contract expires. taking over those jobs are federal inmates. it's all part of government sponsored program that gives them, by law, the first right of refusal to these type of contracts. washington lawmakers now pushing legislation to stop it. gretch? >> gretchen: if you want to ask this cat anything, the answer is clear. (no, no, no, no, no). >> steve: that is awesome. >> gretchen: it's obvious what his favorite word is. he's saying no. it's going viral. just like your kids at home, right?
5:40 am
no, no. it's not known how the cat learned this very impresssive -- it's saying yes now. very impresssive trick. cute. >> steve: adorable. brian? >> brian: am i the only one who knows that's not real? >> steve: that's real. that's a real cat saying something. >> brian: please. >> steve: in cat talk. >> brian: embarrassed for the couch now. i am the ohm one savvy enough to me when a cat dupes me. let's see what happened in football. here are highlights. they are definitely good. the lions know very well, alex smith, to davis, tight ends can make things happen. 27-19, they were victorious. 2-0. and beat the packers. to the best of the rest. reggie bush having the best day. 172 yards. two scores. the dolphins shocked the raiders 35-13 with that rookie quarterback. best comeback after a bad first half? eli manning of the giants. he threw three int's in the first half and really blew lay-up to score.
5:41 am
he finished with a near record performance against tampa, though. 510 yards. three touchdowns. giants win 41-34. a bad ending for the bucs. we'll talk about that after the show. best upset, arizona cardinals beating new england patriots. kevin cobb manage to go throw for one touchdown, run for another, and adding points to the board. the cardinal high school a 18-18 lead, and were about to give it all up, but new england field goal that would have given them the win, this, 4 # yards away. -- 42 yards away. andrew luck leads the colts it their first win. threw two touchdown passes, 224 yards. vikings lost 23-20 to the worst team in football last year. andrew luck outdoing his dad oliver luck. when would have thought? >> steve: congratulations. >> gretchen: america abandon our own in the face of a known risk of terror? >> the security personnel that
5:42 am
the state department thought were required were in place. >> gretchen: peter johnson, jr. will tackle that question for you. >> steve: plus, there is a warning the pictures you're about to see are disturbing. but more disturbing [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... >> brian: may not know it, but today happens to be a national holiday to celebrate this document right here. it's constitution day. there is no three-day weekend or parties for this important day in history. but it does honor the u.s. constitution and those who have become u.s. citizens. today also being religious holiday, rosh hashanah. millions of people ushering in the jewish new year at sundown yesterday. it marks the starting point of a ten-day period of introspection which ends with yom kippur. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you. a texas elementary school teacher accused of asking her fourth grade class to draw pictures of the september 11
5:46 am
attacks. take a look at these drawings, planes hitting the tower, people jumping out of the windows. with us is a very upset parent of a student in that class. ivy green remion. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so explain to me what your child was asked to do in class on 9-11 last week. >> when mckenzie got off the bus, she was telling me they had to draw a picture for 9-11 and the teacher told her make sure she drew the tower and the planes hitting the tower and the people jumping from the windows. >> gretchen: had you ever had a discussion with your child about 9-11 before that time? >> briefly. like we never went the details. but she had a brief understanding of 9-11. >> gretchen: i understand that your husband serves in the army. is that correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: and so you obviously have a vested interest in the fact that your husband's fighting for the safety of our
5:47 am
nation and so 9-11, a deep meaning for you, correct? >> yes, ma'am. and one of the things that upset me the most about the assignment is the teacher apparently told them that the afghans did it because all afghans hate americans, they want to kill us all. that was one of my most major issues with the assignment. my husband will be going to afghanistan soon. >> gretchen: what did the school say when you called them and asked them probing questions about this assignment? >> whenever i had my meeting with the lady from the district and the principal, they apologized for the assignment and that they believed the teacher's heart was in a good place when she started started t went overboard with it. >> gretchen: what do you think educators should do on 9-11 with kids? >> i know some schools, like one that my sister's niece go to, they made it patriots' day,
5:48 am
where the kids wore red, white and blue and made lists of why they loved to be an american. i think that for their age group, that's appropriate for 9-11. just they get a proud to be america day because 9-11 did bring america closer as a nation. so i think that would be a good assignment for that day. >> gretchen: sounds like a good idea. thanks so much for your thoughts this morning. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, did america's leaders abandon our ambassador and his staff in libya when they possibly knew that there was a huge terror risk on 9-11? peter johnson, jr. tackles that next. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on top top of the hour. >> good morning to you. brit hume, kirsten powers, k.t. mcfarland and others will tackle more. we'll see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" on monday as we kick that off
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> steve: we've been talking about this, the obama administration says there was, quote, no actionable intelligence foreshadowing the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya wednesday that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. but it did not know -- but it did know they were in a danger zone. that's what i'm trying to say. listen. >> we certainly are aware that libya is a place where there have been increasingly some violent incidents, the security personnel that the state department thought were required were in place. it obviously didn't prove sufficient to the nature of the attack and sufficient in that moment. >> steve: so did america abandon our ambassador and staff in the face of a known risk?
5:53 am
joining us now, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> that's a really critical question, especially when we're in this fiction of foreign policy that's going on that somehow it was a spontaneous attack, that it wasn't coordinated and that it's all about a video, not a failure of foreign policy. let's talk about this specific issue because there was a known risk. the united states of america was on notice of terrorist attacks in that area, in benghazi since may of this year. let's go to the time line. on may 22, the red cross building, yes, the red cross building was hit by a rocket propelled grenade. june 6, ied was thrown down or at the perimeter of the u.s. consulate. on june 11, the british ambassador's motorcade was attacked and people were injured. he was not, thank god. on june 18, gunmen forced entry into the tunisian consulate, again on the 6th of august, the red cross building was
5:54 am
attacked again by an rpg. so people have the nerve in this administration now to say, well, you know, this is a spontaneous attack. let's hear what ambassador susan rice admitted yesterday amongst all the other fictions she was talking about. >> steve: well, she said -- >> no, she said that it was obviously not enough security that was in place at that point. this was a villa. this was not a fortress. this was not a fortified facility and we know from the bbc and other sources that this particular consulate was not afford even standard security procedures. as a result, ambassador stevens, former seal, who will never see his little baby out in the san diego area, are dead as a result of it. and it's incredible and we have to be vigilant now going forward
5:55 am
because a, it results in the loss of american life. but b, it is embarrassing and shows us to be a weak, weak super power in the world. and the more that happens, the more tensions, the more riot, the more protests there will northbound the middle east. >> steve: you perfectly presented the time line. and the most important thing was the last part. you've got all those things going up. it leads to september 11. if there is one thing we know over there, keep an eye out on september 11. >> there was notice and america dropped the ball and people died. >> steve: terrible. didn't have to happen. >> shouldn't have happened. >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. all right. more "fox & friends" two minutes. we'll be right back.
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